Run a Mile at Woodfield School

Run a Mile will commence on Tuesday 3rd May after its lauch at the Bubble Run on Thursday 28th April 2016

How the daily ‘Run a Mile’ works:

Children ( and staff) go out in almost all weathers at a time of the teacher’s choosing

The whole thing takes a maximum of fifteen-minutes

They don’t change into PE kit

It is simple and it’s FREE!

We are one of the first (if not THE first) school in Harrogate to undertake this initiative which is currently being implemented across the UK with excellent reviews.

Benefits: ( taken from extensive research into the Run a Mile Project across the UK

Inclusive of all children

Children benefit from improved mental focus following exercise

Children thrive on being outdoors – experiencing the fresh air, the weather, the sights and the sounds

All children in the school are fit and therefore able to get the most out of their PE sessions.

We intend that Run a Mile will take place every day for all children and look forward to sharing the benefits with you over the coming months.