Class Percentages for the Week Beginning:

Monday 17th July 2017 

ASH 94.3%
BIRCH 93.5%
ELM 92.2%
OAK 96.6%
PINE 95.7%
WILLOW 98.4%

Our School Attendance for all children from September 2016 to date currently stands at 96.3%. This is just above the national average.

Please lets have a push to keep our attendance high until the end of term!

Please ensure that your child arrives at school on time - Many thanks !

For Summer Term 2017, Woodfield Primary School had 55 pupils who managed 100% attendance. This is fantastic ! Well Done everyone, each child has received a certificate and the appropriate reward badge. This totalled 11 new Bronze badges this term, 28 Silver badges and a fantastic 16 children got 100% attendance for the whole academic year. Big well done!