Home Learning

Homework is really important for the following reasons;

  • It improves your thinking and memory
  • It encourages you to use your time wisely
  • It teaches you to work independently
  • It teaches you to take responsibility for your work
  • Homework helps you learn to use resources, such as libraries, reference materials, and computer Web sites to find information
  • It allows you to extend your learning by applying skills to new situations
  • Homework helps your parents learn more about what you are learning in school
  • It helps your parents to share some time with you - you can get excited together!

Choose one piece of Home learning from the grid each week.

Please read every day. Read a range of books. Ensure that you have your reading record signed every day so that you can earn your stamp!

Forgot to take your book home? Log on to www.oxfordowl.co.uk and read an ebook.

Practise times table and division facts. Log onto www.educationcity.com using your username and password and complete the activities assigned to you. Check out www.mathszone.co.uk for more maths games and ideas.